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Volunteer Opportunities with TGLBR
Welcome to The Good Life Bulldog Rescue!  Volunteer opportunities within the organization are nearly limitless. Below, please find an overview of opportunities currently available.  If you have a skill or talent you would like to utilize, we will find an ideal home for you!
Potential volunteer opportunities:
Intake--Assist in bringing dogs into rescue including finding a foster home, obtaining vetting records and owner surrender form.

Adoption processing--Screen applications, complete reference and vet checks, assist in coordinating call with foster/potential adoptee, and assign to home visit team.

Fundraising--Online donations (via PayPal, AmazonSmile, TAGG,etc), community events (i.e. Omaha Gives), soliciting donations of money/product within the community, grant writing/procurement.

Marketing--Social media, within the community, webpage.

Vetting--Coordination of vet appointments after assessment of current records, accurate management of records, distribution to adopters.

Events--Coordinate/arrange events within the community to promote The Good Life Bulldog Rescue including meet and greets and coordination with fundraising team.

Volunteer onboarding/processing--Screen applications, complete reference/vet checks as needed, provide introductory information, and act as a "buddy" to new volunteers.

Home visits--Complete home visit as part of the adoption process.  Assess for safety hazards, confirm/deny family is a good match, provide education regarding introducing rescue dogs into the home (timidness, housebreaking, hiding, resource guarding, etc).

Eventing--Coordinate event setup/teardown, raffles, special promotions as needed.

Adoptions--Complete the actual adoption ceremony including executing contract, receiving donation, obtaining new family photo, and posting to Facebook/removing from webpage. 

Animal introduction--Assist in successful introduction of resident dog(s) to potential foster/adoptee at a neutral spot and then in home environment as needed.

Education--Monthly education regarding common foster issues (home visits, training, housebreaking, resource guarding, etc.)

Transport--Assist in transporting dogs to meet and greets when foster is unavailable.

Temporary babysitting--Provide temporary foster when a family is going out of town.

Community involvement--Coordinate with businesses and groups within the community to provide support for TGLBR events/animals.  Also includes networking to secure businesses willing to assist in grooming, self-wash, treat, equipment and food donations.

Supply storage--Allow storage of kennels, food, treats, etc and assist in getting to those in need.

Item/Service Donations--Do you have a good contact at a local business that may want to work with TGLBR on an event? Have an crafty friends that may want to donate to a fundraiser? We're looking for you!
Please contact us if you think any of these would be a good fit for you. TGLBR thanks you and we look forward to working with you!

​         Volunteer information:                                                                         Volunteer Application:                

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